tl;dr I get a lot of questions about “What is developer relations” and how to make a career in this domain, so thought of sharing whatever I know based on 3+ years as a Program Manager in the DevRel org @ Google.

What is Developer Relations?

The definition and scope of this domain is very strongly debated, but more or less everyone can agree that this role stands somewhere in between users (developers) and producers (technology/platform makers) for developer or platform products and services.

8 hours to go. The biggest night of Club Football in the World. 2 years in a row. No major trophies in recent times. The closest and the best PL rivalry ever happened this season. Klopp. The best fanbase a club could have. This means more.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I penned a letter a year back when we lost the final to a club I hate intensely. That was the only way I…

Mostly for the major clubs

  1. Bale will move to United
  2. Lewandoski to move to Real Madrid
  3. Neymar and CR7 swap between PSG and Real Madrid
  4. Griezmann to move to Atletico
  5. Liverpool will get Alisson from Roma and Nabil Fakir from Lyon
  6. Zidane will move to Bayern Munich to help them win CL
  7. Antonio Conteo to be next Real Madrid manager

Let’s see how many come true :) will add a few more in coming days.

A fan’s letter to Liverpool Squad and Fans

It hurts so much! I am sorry, it’s just unbearable. I know you all hurt so much, looking forward to this night for last 13 years, so much fighting and excitement doesn’t justify an ending like that. But, more often than not, Football the most beautiful game is ridiculously unfair.

We can easily point out Karius cost us the game and probably that’s factually true. But he is human at the end of the day, and unfortunately yesterday happened to be his unlucky day over last 6 months. Sad. Sorry Karius. I know how alone you are right now. …

As the holidays started coming, my use of internet increased threefold, given I spent my holidays with my family this year, that resulted in all my would-be-work hours replaced by browsing social media, mostly Facebook, a little bit of Quora and of course my personal mails. Although I wasn’t expecting to be content from this increasing consumption, but I was frustrated more often by my facebook feed. Most of the times the updates weren’t interesting and to make matters worse, I couldn’t recognize half of those people and pages appearing in my feed. …

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